Saturday, August 27, 2016

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Broken Dreams and Bless Yous

From my point of view a kid doesn't get any cuter than when they are 3 and 4 years old.  These cuties can finally express themselves clearly and share all their ideas and perspectives while still having all the silliness and misconceptions of a toddler.  All of that bundles into an adorable package.

Savannah has been spotlighting her endearing thought processes like never before lately.  For example:

1.  After taking her shoes off she looked at me with a crinkled up nose and exclaimed "Mom, what is that smell coming from my feet!"

2.  When being told she couldn't have money to buy herself a treat at a restaurant she suggested she buy her own wallet so that she could have some money.

3. She thinks sneezes are called Bless Yous.  I don't ever want to forget her explanation of having 3 bless yous all in a row.

4. Lastly, she calls nightmares broken dreams.  This phrase will never be corrected.  I will be incredibly sad the day she stops using it.

I love that little girl so much.  It was the same with Kaden and Jocilyn as well.  But of course they have grown past this stage and are wonderful in completely different ways.  For now though I am just grateful to have a little time left full of Broken Dreams and Bless Yous.

Monday, January 26, 2015


My goodness I love that girl.  Savannah is my wild child.  I never know what to expect out of her.  She can be sweet and thoughtful, fun and excited, and sometimes completely crazy.  Nowadays Savannah is my helper at home.  With Kaden and Jocilyn at school all day and Wes being so little she is the girl I get to run errands, chat, and have lunch with.  It has been fun having some one-on-one time with her at long last.

She pretty much likes whatever her big sister likes.  Which works out pretty well for Jo when its Savvy's turn to choose the show on tv.  When Jocilyn is at school Savannah is my shadow, the moment school's out however Jocilyn has a constant companion.  They get along pretty well most of the time.  Playing school or "Mom and Kid" as Savannah calls it keeps them happy.

Watching her and Jo together brings back memories of Monica and I.  I really must have driven her crazy!  We had a lot of fun together though and its cute watching all that hero worship.  I hope they grow into the best of friends.

Savannah recently had a giant accomplishment by graduating into a booster seat in the car.  She was so proud of herself when she finally buckled her seat belt by herself for the first time.  I love it when she gets excited.  Her whole face lights up and the squeeling commences.  Its adorable and luckily happens a lot.

One of the funniest Savannahisms we've come across is her attitude towards other people.  She is by far my loudest child at home.  She sings, screams, and runs around like a nut, but bring a new person into the mix and she pretty much becomes mute.  I'm not sure her church teachers have ever actually heard her speak.  They consider her the perfect child, oh little do they know!

She has actually improved a huge amount.  I signed her up for gymnastics a few months ago and she was so excited, but it required her to speak to her teachers.  Ever so slowly she made progress!  We also joined a coop preschool with some of the other moms from church.  Between those two things she has grown so much socially.  She still takes some time to get used to people,but after awhile she'll let me know that she is going to talk to the teacher today.  Its pretty cute.

Savannah has a definite sense of style.  She likes to call it her "rock and roll" clothes.  I haven't quite figured out what makes a rock and roll outfit, but she is quick to tell me what does and does not qualify.  So far it seems the louder the pattern and brighter the colors gets you closer to your goal.

I love seeing her personality emerge.  I really don't know what to expect out of her yet, but it is fun seeing glimpses.  So far she is wonderful and I can't imagine her becoming anything else.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My sweet Jocilyn.  Where do I begin?

Jocilyn is growing up faster than I imagined she would.  She just started the 1st grade and even with the added freedom having two children in full day school gives me, I miss her being home.  She is a great sister. Most of the time she and Kaden have nothing but fun with each other and she is amazing with her little sister and brother.  She has helped me out countless times when the baby needed someone to play with or Savannah needed help brushing her teeth.

Jocilyn is a great shopping companion.  At the grocery store she loves to help me pick the fruit and vegetables.  She gives me ideas on what to make for dinner, and is overall a lot of fun to shop with.

Not to mention her amazing sense of style!  Jocilyn loves to mix and match her clothes in different ways and usually has at least 3 clothing changes a day.  She's not at all shy about giving her opinion either.  Luckily nothing too embarrassing has resulted from her confidence,  but I ask her regularly if she likes my outfit or how my hair looks in the back.  She almost always gets it right so its kind of fun having another girl's perspective even if the source is 6 years old.

Socially Jo has a lot of fun.  Her best friend lives across the street and the two of them could happily spend every day together if school didn't get in the way.  At school Jo has many friends and is loving building those relationships.  Everyday she has stories to tell me about what they did at recess or the funny thing someone did.

Lately Jo has been taking Gymnastics and dance lessons.  They are so much fun for her and she's so tiny and limber its hard to not imagine she could be really good at it with some practice.  Practice is the tricky part. She is naturally pretty good at a lot of things she's had to learn so far: gymnastics, dance, reading, you name it.  So at the onset she is excited and happy to learn anything new.  Its when the harder stuff comes along and she has to put in real effort and focus that is a struggle.  Still, she is slowly learning how to work hard and why its worth it.  Kimball and I are very proud of her.

She is creative, confident and incredibly sweet.  When I see her she just makes me smile.  Not long after Jocilyn turned 5 I started to realize she was becoming less and less of a little girl and more of a beautiful young girl.  It sounds like an insignificant difference, but trust me, it is there and it matters.  Its been equally painful and wonderful to watch this transition, but I guess that's a part of parenting Kimball and I are just learning about with her and Kaden.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I'm struggling to decide just how to get caught up on my blog after so much has happened and well, things just keep happening.  I'm going to try and write a post about each of the kids to basically sum up how things are going for that particular rugrat.  Wish me luck!

Because of the somewhat transient status our family had for the last few years Kimball and I have had a little extra concern for Kaden and the affects so much moving and uncertainty would have on the little guy.  I always worried a little more for him simply because he was older.  The boy hasn't started 3rd grade yet and has been enrolled in 6 different elementary schools, one of them twice!  He learned early how hard it is to say goodbye to people.  I'm happy to say he also learned how fun it is to make friends though!  He definitely got nervous every time he had to start at a new school, but he always come home telling me about the fun kids he had met.  I'm so thankful Kimball and I seem to have put things in place now before he gets any older.  He is finally having the chance to have a best friend for more than just a few months and to not always be the one who leaves.  Just before second grade was over his best friend moved away.  Kaden was heartbroken.  He cried himself to sleep for a few nights and talked about him for weeks.  Even now, months later, Kaden talks about what a good buddy he was and how much he misses him.  He told me one night that it was harder to watch a friend move away than to be the one to leave.  That broke my heart a little too. Kaden is such a good and sweet kid.  He feels so much emotion and doesn't always know what to do with it, somewhat explaining his need to tackle his own team mate at baseball practice.  Oh yes, he did.

Kaden with his best buddy Aidan at his 8th birthday party
Kimball tells me Kaden reminds him a lot of himself when he was that age.  Very sensitive to what is going on around him and just wanting the world to make sense, but not knowing what to do when it doesn't.  This actually makes me happy.  I would love for Kaden to grow up to be like his dad one day, though hopefully with a few less fist fights and visits to the principal's office if you don't mind.

Kaden is such an awesome kid!  He turned eight at his last birthday.  Wow!  How did that happen?  We celebrated with a Halloween themed birthday party, with costumes, candy, and capture the pumpkin (it was a big hit).  Just a couple weeks later Kaden was baptised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am so proud of him!  I know he is only starting to understand what it means to have faith and believe in Jesus Christ, but he really wants it and is full of questions to help him better understand.  It was a little extra special in that we had a lot of family in town for the baptism.  Grandma and Grandpa Patterson, Aunt Mo, and Aunt Ranee were all in town for the special day.  He probably doesn't appreciate how wonderful it was to have them there, but I sure loved it.  It was a great reminder that just because we don't live in Utah any more our family is willing to go the extra mile, or in this case 300 miles to support us in these big moments.

Kaden played his first season of baseball this year.  He absolutely loved it!  He improved a lot during the season and was able to get a hit in just about every game.  He's going to try flag football in a couple months, but I'd be surprised if baseball doesn't come back on his radar next spring.  Not to mention he was the cutest Dodger I've ever seen!

As you can see Kaden has stayed pretty busy.  To top it off he joined Cub Scouts just after turning 8 last year.  I knew Kaden would go nuts for Cub Scouts.  He loves all the social interaction and fun activities they do.  Every Wednesday he begs me to be late picking him up so he can have more time to play basketball or dodgeball with the other boys as they're waiting to be picked up.  The cherry on top of cubscouting is of course the pinewood derby and boy did Kaden love that.  If any of you Joneses are reading this do yourself a favor and call Warren if you ever need a derby car.  After about a 30 minute phone conversation Kaden and Kimball were able to build a slick little car.  Kaden's car easily came in first in every race it ran.  I wish you could have seen how awesome it was for Kaden.  After every race his excitement just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I thought his eyes were going to pop out!  He was a good sport though.  He was asking the other kids all about their cars and did his best not to rub it in.  It was a pretty fun night, but boy did we set the bar high for his first pinewood derby!  We'll see how next years goes.

To sum it all up Kaden is just about as good as it gets when it comes to eight year old boys.  He's incredibly bright and loves to learn new things about the world and just about anything he can think of to ask about.  He is a great big brother who tries hard to reason with his younger sisters when they aren't following the rules and is very patient when he's forced to watch Barbie and My Little Ponies when his sisters get to pick the television show.  He loves to help out on fun "building" projects like hanging the tv on the wall and changing out light switches and has been known to make a box or two of Macaroni and Cheese to serve to the family at dinner time.  I love this guy with all my heart!